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Interview Hoy Día | Telemundo

By: Hoy Día | Telemundo

Angela Romero became the largest cosmetics distributor in the United States thanks to her passion and effort, although she recognizes that the beginning was not easy because everything started from a department that she was about to lose.

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Exploring Life & Business with Angela Romero of Wholesale Makeup


I am Colombian, I arrived in the USA in 1997. In the first years, I did work such as cleaning houses, babysitting, bartending, etc. In 2010 I was fired from my sales job at a liquidation company. A month later I opened my own company in the same field, I started from scratch with very little money

Publish date: APRIL 4 2024

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Take care of your skin to love yourself, discover yourself and empower yourself

Editorial: Eventos Magazine

March is women's month. Along with the historical commemoration of the struggle of our fellow human beings, it invites us to remember the importance of celebrating our individuality, perseverance, strength and tireless fight to leave indelible marks as mothers, friends, professionals and human beings. Hence, the importance of taking care of our skin and understanding that our face reflects our physical and emotional health.

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