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Totémica Beauty

The perfect fusion between ancient tradition and modern science for the care of your skin.

In Totémica Beauty we believe in the power of ancestry and the intimate connection with nature to create skin care and makeup products that heal, nourish and beautify. Our philosophy is based on combining ancient knowledge and ceremonial practices with modern science and technology to offer products of the highest quality.

Manufactured in the United States under rigorous standards of quality, our skincare products are formulated with natural and conscious ingredients that care for your skin effectively and sustainably. Our makeup enhances your natural beauty and adapts to your lifestyle, allowing you to look and feel radiant at all times.

Our mission is to offer you a unique and profound beauty experience that connects the mystical and the transcendental with the everyday. With Totémica Beauty , we invite you to discover the healing power of nature and find its source through products that respect and honor your skin and the world around you. Around us.

Join us on this journey of skincare and makeup that awakens your ancestral connection and reveals the innate beauty within.

Welcome to Totémica Beauty , where the sacred meets the contemporary to celebrate your unique and authentic essence.


Ángela Romero Directora General Belleza Totémica

Under the leadership of our CEO, Ángela Romero, Totémica Beauty is proud to be a brand fueled by the passion and dedication of a successful Latina business woman. With years of experience in the beauty industry and recognized for being the leader and owner of and , Ángela has been a pillar in empowering the Latino community and promoting high-quality products worldwide.

Her vision and her commitment to excellence have been instrumental in turning Totémica Beauty into a brand that celebrates the diversity and richness of our cultural roots, while embracing innovation and sustainability.